Thursday, April 29, 2010

Even More Space Marines

I've spent some more time on my Space Marine squad (it's going on something like 6 months at this point - I just don't get a ton of time to paint). Anyway, the tactical squad is basically done. Notice the highlights.

In addition, I started to work on some figures from Assault on Black Reach, including some terminators. In particular, I spent quite a while trying to get the white helmets to look good. I'm also pretty pleased with the eyes. No Golden Demons here, but not bad for tabletop.

Finally, I had a spare marine sitting around, so I decided to make him up as a Blood Angel. I have two copies of Space Hulk that I want to paint, but I wasn't going to do so until I was ready. I think I'm almost ready. Also, another shot of the terminators' eyes.

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