Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Looking For a Laptop Table

I'm looking to get a small side table so that I can use my laptop in my living room without it burning my lap. I'm considering a LapDawg, but the $130 price tag isn't too appealing. Whatever I end up with, it won't be a Freedom Furniture Laptop Table II Mobile.

Does anybody have any suggestions?


James Iry said...

If burning your lap is the concern then a little pad gets the job done. Some have fans, but I get by with one that just lifts the back of the laptop a bit.

Of course, if your real aim is to raise the laptop up to a higher typing position then that's different.

Unknown said...

While this was an old post, I'd like to recommend my solution, Guitar Hero Guitar Box. It nicely spans the arms on most chairs, and keeps the computer off your lap.