Thursday, August 14, 2008

Should I Squash Underhanded Corporate Comments or Let Them Live?

At this point, my Memeo Autosync post has gotten a few comments that clearly originate from somebody who works for(or otherwise has a stake in) Memeo. On one hand, I really dislike this corporate intrusion in an otherwise pristine blog. They have masqueraded as a genuine user, which is misleading and underhanded. On the other hand, it appears that they have offered a discount on Memeo software.

What do other bloggers do with these situations? Do they squash comments that are subversive like this? Do they just allow them, realizing that blog readers are intelligent individuals and will notice the obvious deception? What do you think?


Dan said...

I was contacted by a representative of Memeo. She indicated that Memeo doesn't make undercover posts on blogs. In addition, she indicated that all of the posts that she makes on public blogs are clearly indicated to be from a Memeo employee. I guess that leaves David as a mystery.

Kudos to Rachel from Memeo for promptly and professionally explaining the situation.

Anonymous said...

so did she explain the pathetic software??