Wednesday, April 02, 2008

GameStop culture

Unlike some people, I actually have a decent GameStop nearby. The people who work there are intelligent, useful, and just generally pleasent. I was there tonight, picking up a copy of Condemned, which I have heard good things about.

In any case, the clerk was telling me that its sequel is also good, and noted that it is more of a horror game (Condemned being more of a thriller). As I was leaving, he suggested that, if I beat it in less than a week, I could trade it in towards its big brother. I thought he said something about full credit.

This struck me as odd. Here was a Gamestop employee essentially offering to loan me a game for a week, with no risk to me. Well, I suppose I would be turning $17 of hard currency in GameStop store credit, which is good for them, but it still seems odd. Then again, their whole business model is odd.

On the other hand, perhaps I simply misheard him.

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